All of the following terms and conditions will apply to transfer bookings made on the company’s owned site:

LINATE TRANSFER di Fabio Mangialardi
Viale Martesana, 43 – 20090 Vimodrone (MI)
Phone: (+39) 320.69.93.968

LINATE TRANSFER is a company registered in the business register of the Milan Chamber of Commerce. When payment is required at the time of booking, LINATE TRANSFER will send the details of the payment and the data relating to the booking by e-mail . This confirmation document is your ticket, and must be kept and presented to LINATE TRANSFER drivers.

The ticket also includes any reservation for the return; important to keep it for as long as necessary. Generally the payment is non-refundable except in circumstances where LINATE TRANSFER , due to force majeure and at its discretion, agrees to cancel the reservation at a shorter time than the terms described in this paragraph.

If the booking is made by phone, it will be subject to the acceptance by the customer of the terms and conditions described here. They are available on our website and upon request by e-mail or telephone.

1. Delay communications

In case of delay, the customer is obliged to notify our S.O.S. (+39) 320.69.93.968 by sending an SMS or an e-mail to The service includes 60 minutes of waiting after the scheduled flight has landed, 30 minutes of waiting for stations and 15 minutes for hotels. Without prior notice, the driver is authorized to calculate the hourly provision of € 40 for the sedan, € 55 for the minivan and € 65 for the luxury sedan (prices including VAT).

2. Booking rules
The destinations and pick-up addresses on your ticket are the addresses where you want to be accompanied or picked up. If you want to change these or other details concerning the service you can do it by e-mail, by phone or directly on the LINATE TRANSFER NCC website, at the latest 11 hours before the transfer time (departure arrival).
Any modification is subject to the payment of an administrative fee of € 3.00 per booking if made before 4 hours from the event. With shorter deadlines it is necessary to make a new booking, in this case there may be variations about the type of carrier used differently from what was requested in the original booking.

2.1 Request of the car
The request for the specific (chosen) vehicle will not always be granted; it is important that it has a transport capacity equal to the number of people (communicated in the booking) who have requested the service.

3. Waiting at the addresses and locations of the Users
The rates applied by LINATE TRANSFER NCC include a wait of 10 (ten) minutes in places other than airports and railway stations, or locations and addresses of Users.
The cost of any waiting time will be calculated in increments of 30 (thirty) minutes, starting from the originally scheduled time, referring to the amounts shown at the bottom (RATES PER HOUR WAITING AVAILABLE TO THE CUSTOMER). This amount will be added to the cost of the transfer, and the payment will be due by the User directly to the driver at the end of the Service.
In the absence of notification of delays by the User, and after 30 (thirty) minutes from the agreed time, the driver may leave the waiting area, without prejudice to ITALIAN TRANSFER NCC right to pay for the Service.

for “Sedan” with 3 passengers € 30.00 including VAT
for “Minivan” with 6 passengers € 40.00 including VAT
for “Minibus” with 8 passengers € 50.00 including VAT

4. Right to cancel Sedan / MPV
The customer can cancel the reservation by sending an e-mail or WhatsApp.
The reservation will be considered canceled when LINATE TRANSFER receives a written communication to the following addresses: and (+39) 320.69.93.968
Cancellations can be made up to one day before the event without incurring any costs.
Cancellations made less than 2 hours prior to the transfer time will be subject to full travel cost.

5. It is forbidden
LINATE TRANSFER reserves the right (through its delegated drivers and reporting any abuse to the public security bodies) to refuse transport to any person who is under the influence of alcohol or drugs or who constitutes a danger to the driver of the car and other passengers. Passengers are not allowed to drink alcohol in our vehicles. Smoking is forbidden on LINATE TRANSFER cars, however there may be exceptions when expressly indicated by the driver.

6. Liability Statement
LINATE TRANSFER undertakes in every reasonable way to have its vehicles or vehicles driven by external collaborators arrive in time for the pick-up and arrival appointments at their destination. However, LINATE TRANSFER will not be responsible for delays due to causes beyond its control. The cars are all recently registered and covered by insurance for themselves and for those transported and in compliance with the circulation permits in force in Italy and in E.E.C ..
The transport of passengers is fully covered by the insurance that LINATE TRANSFER has stipulated for its vehicles with third parties. Passenger properties, on the other hand, are carried entirely under the responsibility of the passenger who declares ownership at the time of boarding. Check the correspondence of your luggage upon departure. Liability for loss or damage cannot be accepted by LINATE TRANSFER.

LINATE TRANSFER will attempt to transport passengers with minimal discomfort to the destination confirmed on the travel document that this is an airport, hotel or home.
In some circumstances beyond our control it may happen that the passenger cannot be taken to their destination, or that they arrive very late. These examples summarize the circumstances that can affect the timing and conclusion of the trip

  • Vehicle accidents can cause delays.
  • Exceptional and severe climatic conditions can prevent the normal course of the journey.
  • Controls by the police.
  • Vandalism and terrorism.
  • Traffic blocks.
  • Demonstrations and strikes.
  • Other passengers can cause delays.
  • Reservations made with incorrect details about dates, times, etc.
  • Lack of information about departures and arrivals by the client

If LINATE TRANSFER is unable to transport passengers to the booked and paid destination for reasons under its control through its own means and the means of external collaborators, LINATE TRANSFER will arrange the transfer by external means (TAXI, Rental with Driver) and subsequently reimburse the customer. The cost of such transport upon presentation of a receipt / invoice. The reimbursement for the transfer cannot exceed the rates in force for the use of the TAXI on the same route.
LINATE TRANSFER may be held responsible (whenever a service has been booked) for any costs and losses due to delays and errors directly attributable to our competence, in this case a limited refund of € 200.00 per booking will be provided. LINATE TRANSFER reserves the right to vary parts (or entirely) of these agreements at any time without giving prior notice to customers, partners, tour operators or agencies. These agreements will be valid in relations with the customer in place of those provided by third parties set off. The customer is obliged to report any problems deriving from inefficiencies or deficiencies directly attributable to our work as soon as possible. We will take action to quickly resolve any inconvenience and loss in full customer satisfaction.
These conditions of transport and all related services comply with the laws governing the sale of services in Italy, this guarantees the protection of the passenger and his luggage.
Any dispute or controversy regarding the activities carried out between LINATE TRANSFER and the customer will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Milan (Italy) court.